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Green Hedge is passionate about building a renewable future and we have the capabilities to deliver it. Meet our expert team and learn how we can work together to accelerate the clean energy transition.

About Green Hedge

About Green Hedge

Green Hedge was founded in 2010 and our expert team has successfully developed over 200MW of solar PV and 360MW/720MWh of battery storage across the UK and Germany.

We have direct experience of taking battery storage and renewable sites successfully through design and planning through to commercial operation, expertly managing the process at every stage, from engineering design, fire protection, noise alleviation, construction, grid connection and asset optimisation. 

Now, we are turning our skills and experience to the German  market, with a goal to develop energy storage sites to enable a greater utilisation of locally produced renewable energy use at the right time of the day.

Why storage

Reaching carbon neutrality means generating much more of our electricity from the wind and sun. But renewable power can only be generated when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining, not necessarily when consumers, industrials and commercial sites need it. 

This makes electricity prices very volatile, so that they spike when demand is high and renewable generation is low and fall or even turn negative when demand is low and renewable generation is abundant.

Battery storage helps to ensure grid stability, smooth volatile prices and avoid wasting renewable energy.

Batteries can import and store electricity when prices are low and export it back to the grid when demand is high. 

More about the need for battery storage can be found in the German government's strategy paper.


Green Hedge started its life as a solar PV developer in 2010 (developing over twenty solar farms and several large rooftop installations in the UK and Germany with in total 200 MW capacity) and diversified into battery storage in 2015.

Our team is behind the successful development, construction and operation of twelve big battery sites with over 360 MW / 720 MWh capacity. We have first hand experience of taking sites successfully through planning, with careful considerations for fire protection, noise alleviation, screening planting, electrical and civil engineering design as well as construction, grid connection and commercial operation.

Niels Kröner

After eight years working for McKinsey, in banking and for a large European investment fund, Niels co-founded Green Hedge in 2010 and was involved in all aspects of project development and financing of solar and battery storage projects. Having secured the investment of a specialist infrastructure fund into the UK battery storage division, Niels has focussed on growing Green Hedge's footprint in Germany.

Adrien Lebrun (Chartered Engineer)

Adrien holds a BA and MA in Electromechanical Engineering from Bruxelles University and EPFL Lausanne and an MSc from Imperial College, London. After originally joining Green Hedge in 2016, he worked for Pivot Power/EDF Renewables from 2018 to 2022, where he led the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the UK's first transmission-connected battery storage projects. Adrien rejoined Green Hedge in 2023 as a co-founder and Managing Director. Adrien is also a guest lecturer at Imperial College London.

Why work with us

We are passionate about the transition to a clean energy future and we take a long-term, holistic view to project development, ensuring the assets we deliver work efficiently throughout their lifetime and can be recycled appropriately. 

We are good neighbours, connecting our projects with local communities and infrastructure needs and aiming to keep 100% of business rates local.